Drill Pipe
Casing - Tubing
     Line Pipe
1" through 8 5/8"

CrossRoll's Pipe Services include:

   Portable Cross Roll Straightening
   Portable Kelley Straightening
   Portable Collar Straightening
   Lathe Type Refacing and Beveling
   E.M.I. Drill Pipe Inspection
   Identification Grooving
   Black Light Service
   SpectaSonic UTEA-1 Search Unit

Crossroll specializes in straightening corkscrewed tubing off the ground right on your location.  We have portable refacing and beveling tools that give you a precision finish that solves a tough field problem on drill pipe and collars. Adapters permit cutting and external beveling of various size tool joints, boxes and pins.  All this with machine shop accuracy!

How can we provide this machine shop accuracy?

   Micrometer indexing indicates immediately go or no-go gauging of thread condition.
   Lathe type cutters and beveling tools.
   Standard Tungsten-carbide inserts.
   Hydraulic feed for precise metal cutting.
   Automatic disengagement at present cutting depth.
   Variable speed selection for any grade of pipe.
   Adapters hardened and ground and manufactured to API standards.
   Refacing and beveling to Industry Standards.
   Precision finish.

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